Versopolis - Where poetry lives

Versopolis is a European poetry platform that creates new opportunities for emerging European poets and is supported by the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme.

Excellent young poets write poems in every language but are often unknown beyond the boundaries of the language they write in. The aim of Versopolis is to change this, creating a unique, Europe-wide platform that gives emerging European poets the chance to become international poetry stars.
In its first year the Versopolis project will promote 55 authors and their poetry, united under its motto ‘where poetry lives’, along with 11 festivals, which will act as literature promoters and publishers in the European literary space. The Versopolis platform involves the following literary/poetry festivals:

Versopolis will help authors already established in their home countries spread their poetry across borders, its first and foremost aim being to promote European poets and their work and to create a close-knit poetic community.

More about Versopolis

Poetry is a highly individualized expression of the human spirit that glorifies diversity and originality; it creates a bridge between individuals and communities. The European idea that is based on respect of individuality and at the same time strives for a quality coexistence of all individuals, should recognize in poetry a metaphor and sum of its efforts. VERSOPOLIS is a Europe-wide poetry project of renowned literary festivals, exposing, connecting and bringing the finest poetry closer to audiences and through collaboration and mutual enrichment adding value and a sustainable vision of the initial European idea.


We wish to see that not only canonised and widely recognizable poets reach the consciousness of European literature lovers, but that the voices of younger generations that have yet to become established in the European area also gain their place. The selected authors will receive attention through performances and translations of their works on a digital platform.


The project includes renowned European literary festivals with an evident affinity towards poetry. Authors circulate between festivals, presenting themselves to poetry enthusiasts and professionals. Connecting functions in multiple ways: between the festivals, the authors, the authors and the public, and between the authors and publishers and editors.

Free Content

The project stems from the wish to address as broad as possible a European audience, bringing to its attention the highly individualised language of poetry and the specific national characteristics and backgrounds of guest authors. PR strategies that utilize contemporary and original approaches in communication wish to bring the language of poetry, which so often remains barricaded inside the ivory towers of academia, closer to the general public. The interactive platform will play an important role in this by including existing and new audiences.


We follow opinions, visions and views on the broadest level; we focus on common European values, creating a new, integrated European poetic identity. Collaborations between participating partners jointly create an original perspective for poetry festivals to successfully collaborate in the future.